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MICHAEL HARRISON                               Michael Harrison

Dear CBOAC Members & Potential Members:

The County Building Officials Association of California (CBOAC) provides an opportunity for building officials to be more prepared, confident and ready  to perform our duties. California has some of the most knowledgeable and  experienced building officials to be found and through the CBOAC we’re able  to access those building officials and benefit from many collective years of experience.

This resource has never been more important, building officials throughout the state face new or expanded roles and responsibilities. More and more we  go beyond applying building code requirements, we evaluate the impact of    development with a more holistic eye on the community, the infrastructure,  our natural resources and the environment. Beyond traditional application of  the building codes we apply ever increasing energy requirements, green building requirements, clean-water requirements, FEMA related regulations, accessibility requirements and a host of other local, state and federal requirements.

At the same time construction technology is booming. Every day we are presented with innovative products and methods that we have not seen before. Many products are not yet listed, there are no nationally recognized standards for some and others comply only with European standards. In an earnest effort to meet the intent of the codes, we evaluate these products, ask for testing and documentation, consider alternate means and materials and track down the applicability and validity of specific European standards. We’ve been asked to consider yurts, tiny homes and other forms of alternative housing and explain the applicability of the code to these structures.

Many of us are reevaluating and reinventing our business models and our processes. We’re looking for ways to keep ahead of the curve, reduce unnecessary impact to development and meet customer expectations. We’re streamlining, going electronic, improving customer service and empowering and developing staff.

And don’t lose sight of our most basic responsibility, we ensure that buildings are safe and in compliance with the California Building Code. A building official once said “the public has a right to expect that the buildings they walk into are safe and code compliant”. This philosophy has been ingrained in most of us since the beginning of our careers.

We enjoy what we do and we’ll meet the challenges. CBOAC can help. The ability to expand our networks and seek input from other building officials makes CBOAC an invaluable organization, the issues above have all be a subject of discussions between CBOAC members just within this past year. Through google groups, committee involvement, networking, meetings and training at the annual conference we share information, expertise, experience, interpretations and seek solutions and the opinions of others. Together we’re able to perform our jobs enthusiastically and with confidence!

If you’re not currently a member we hope you’ll consider joining the organization and becoming involved, you’ll realize the benefits very quickly! And I hope new and current members will consider committee involvement. We’re in the planning and negotiation stages for the 2016 Annual Conference right now and you don’t want to miss that opportunity. With the valuable insight and hard work of our Board and committee members this year’s conference promises to be great! More will follow as we move forward and plans are solidified.

Thank You all, and I hope to see you at the CBOAC 2016 Annual Conference!

Michael Harrison